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This is traditionally where a bio is written, to paint a picture of professional experiences: job titles, places worked and accomplishments. I choose not to go down that path. What I have decided to do is paint a picture of how I arrived at this place as a Certified Coach.

I am writing my bio from a place of fulfilling my life’s purpose. I begin my working career at 10 years old in my mothers’ business. Moving to the corporate world, to government, to non-profit origination’s, to becoming an entrepreneur, owning my own business – totaling over 35 years; In addition, my personal life as a mother and wife. This journey has supported my psychological growth, stamina, and resiliency and has helped me to discover the threads of my soul’s purpose. I am grateful for all the opportunities and lessons learned in my personal life and professional life.

Overall, I see my life’s incarnations; personally and work continually calling me to mature; and to grow up and to align myself with the spirit behind my life’s work. I can articulate these realizations more readily now that the original angst of sorting and facing has diminished. It is a consistent invitation to look squarely at the obstacles within me that prevent me from full expression of my most inner strengths. I have been summoned to open up to qualities such as curiosity, stamina, patience, endurance, reflection, wisdom, courage, honesty, integrity, trustworthy and tenacity. Thus, deepen my faith in myself by examining and trusting in the truth of my own experience, rather than someone else version of my experience.

We all need to develop the habit of sorting and facing so we don’t waste vast amounts of energy ignoring and blaming. Lessons, faced and met and integrated by us will endure and strengthen over time. Even though we experience different types of glitches along our path, they are there to help us achieve our life purpose and self-awareness.

We see, we face, we sort, we act, we integrate, we move on. It’s easy to say but it is so worth the effort of learning this rhythm and attitude. I can say personally, I am so grateful for my life lessons on balance.

There is more space, more faith and more freedom, less attachment, more joy, less judgment.

So it is in this spirit of reflecting on this journey that I share a few guidelines and habits. I have learned and am continuing to learn about the notion of balance and its relationship to the work and life we choose.  This brings me to why at this time in my journey; I choose to help others to reach a life of balance through coaching.

Life and Business Coach in Michigan

“Finding the right life and business coach is essential to not only becoming a better person, but also laying the foundation for making better business decisions. The purpose of a life and business coach to is to unlock the potential that you have inside yourself in order to make you and your business as profitable as possible. There are a lot of advantages to using this type of service, but how can it help you? When people start to seek a life and business coach, they are usually dissatisfied with a certain part of their life or the success of their business. There are several good advantages to having a life and business coach on your side.”- 

Published by Energized Management, December 4, 2012           

Life Coach

A life coach is there to help you improve and change your life. Such as attaining personal goals, reaching your full potential in work and/or in your personal life. Life is about recalibrating. The human existence is and has always been a state of constant change. The more aware you are of your soft spots and weaknesses, the better prepared you will be to make changing for a better life. If you are serious about your life goals, you can be motivated to work to achieve those goals.

EscoDavis is your thinking partner and your sounding board – my only goal is your success. I will help you work on your limitations and goals. But first you should be aware of your past limitations. By taking responsibility for the changes you want to make. I don’t do the heavy lifting; I help you make better decisions and hold you accountable to your goals and commitments. You must be open to be coached and receive feedback – not judgment.

Business Coaching

EscoDavis focus is on two types of business coaching:

After you have completed an intensive process of developing a Strategic Plan, now what do you do to be on track and keep employees engaged. This is the time when you engage a business coach to help you along your new journey.

EscoDavis business coaching will work with the CEO, President, senior staff and management teams. I have worked with dozens of small businesses to help guide them to their desired strategic plans goals. Coaching them by implementing the action steps, by breaking down the process to easy realistic bit-size steps. Coaching each person will be held accountable for his/her strategic commitments.

EscoDavis business coach partners’ with small business owners, entrepreneurs’, managers, and business units within the organization for life/work balance to specific business building vision and goals.

Our goals are to change certain behaviors and perspectives in the work place. By improving work relations, EscoDavis provides support to enhance creativity and value to the individual and/or teams.

Are You Ready to Live Your Best Life?

Gwendolyn Esco Davis, CCP, CM Certified Professional Coach can help you achieve your goals in life and business.

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