Vision Mapping for Small Businesses

Vision Mapping is a powerful visual representation of your dreams and desires.  It is a roadmap to success that helps you attract what you want in life. It is a reminder of your dreams. It has been used with individuals as a tool to focus on personal goals. It has been used in businesses to help focus on the goals of the business as well as working with employees to visualize his or her work and personal goals. Vision Mapping has been used for generations, inspiring individuals to “take action now”.

There is an expression that a picture is worth a thousand words but a picture is also the ‘language’ of the subconscious mind. What’s great is that research states that 95% of our behaviors are subconscious.      Click here and more information will be sent to you


Individual Sessions


What is just not working in your life, either work or your personal life?  Can they be separated?  Does it seem that you are stuck and can’t move to the next level? Whatever your dilemma is I can guide you to your desired place.  Coaching you to change your way of thinking.

How is this done? As we work together as a team to encourage growth and to support your personal progress and transformation.  Achieving a goal or goals is purely a means to an end or a quick fix. I will theme your coaching sessions in a way to encourage you to explore every aspect of the journey to achieving your goal and I will support you as you progress to each stage. By introducing new perspectives. Through the coaching process I will offer tools to identify and eliminate those limiting beliefs that sabotage growth and success.

We do not choose the work we are brought into this lifetime to do. That work is your soul signature – your unique expression – your spiritual DNA.

Group Sessions

Inner Circle Group Sessions

On-going Programs

“Re-framing Your Perspectives”   

Re-framing Your Perspective is the journey to discover who you really are and start embracing all that you have to offer. Is it time for you to become the catalyst, the artist of your own life?

Embarking on a personal journey that will allow reflection and re-framing your perspective leading to re-discover your true purpose. Even though I will be by your side in this process, the end result will be your own creation; you will be fully in charge of your personal evolution.

As an empowered individual, usually involves making some fundamental life choices – which is not always an easy process. It also means that you are fully aware and prepared to take full responsibility for your life.

Taking full responsible of your actions can be really scary. The alternative would be even scarier if you live a life where you don’t fulfill your full potential.

Are you ready to live your best life? Are you willing to be coached? If the above description resonates with you, then this is the group for you.



Wise Women~Wise Entrepreneurs

“A Woman’s Worth”

Your Wit is Your Rights to Greatness

Coaching for Dynamic Women Entrepreneurs’


I firmly believe that no matter our thoughts, feelings and experiences, we are not alone. When we share them with others we are able to heal, grow, and become stronger and more resilient. With me as your partner, in this amazing group of professional women, together we can make a paradigm shift to another dimension that you are looking for. Together we can change your life to what you are meant to be is Great. We can awaken that sleeping giant of a woman.

“There is two ways to live your life; nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle.
It makes all the difference which one you chose to live.” – Albert Einstein

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